Flux Remastered is a fan made remake, create from the original Flux game from 1999 made by MasterWorks Software. It's created by love to the original game to be played on the web browser for everyone enjoyment, since the original game can't be played anymore on modern computers. I don't own any of the assets to this game and have no right to use them, therefore this page could be put down any moment if the original creators ask me to.

You can mute the sound effect with "s" and the music with "m".

I'm currently working on a new version of the game, trying to get rid of some bugs that are in this version.

I want to credit my friend Moonshine Fox who had the alias Vermilion X that created some of the soundtrack on the original game. Visit his page at SoundCloud.
Make sure to visit Flux original web page as well.

You can reach me at samuel.haggren@gmail.com